BringIt – express delivery and pick up from your smartphone

You can stay on task, we’ll get it delivered. BringIt – express delivery and pick up from your smartphone.

Going to pick up the things you need can be a real hassle. Wouldn’t it be easy if more things in life came to you? No drama. With NZ Post’s new BringIt service for your smartphone, you can get it couriered fast. BringIt gives you a sending code, you give it to your supplier/retailer and we do the rest. Our courier will pick up your item and get it to you quickly. To make it even easier, the delivery is charged to your credit card.

How does it work?

  • Sign up
  • A sending code will be generated when you login
  • Add your pick up and delivery locations
  • Select the shipping option
  • Pay with one touch using your credit card
  • Contact your supplier/retailer to organise what you’d like delivered and provide them with your sending code. The sending code is how we identify where to deliver to.

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