Across & Between Town Deliveries

Across Town Delivery

Need an urgent courier delivered across town? We can pick up and deliver your package to its destination, with two delivery speed options for you to choose from:

Express – as fast as possible, with target delivery times of between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the available services*.

Priority – target delivery time within 3 hours*.

* Note that during periods of peak congestion, delays may be added onto target delivery timeframes. Delivery times may also vary in locations where we don’t have dedicated Pace couriers.

Between Towns Delivery

Got something that needs to be picked up and delivered urgently to another town? We have two fast and convenient options for you:

Express Direct Drive - we’ll pick it up and drive it directly to where you need it to go to, that very same day.

Next Flight - we’ll pick it up, drive it to the airport and get it on the next available flight. We’ll then pick it up straight off the plane at the other end and deliver it urgently to where you need it to go.

Evening Delivery

Delivering items at a time that is best for your customers demonstrates great customer service. We can help you achieve this with our Evening Delivery options. Great for your high value and urgent items and also very convenient for your customers. Evening Delivery is only available for Monday to Friday deliveries in and between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch only, and excludes dangerous goods and deliveries on Public Holidays.

Delivery location Service Pick Up Target Delivery
Same City Same City
Evening Target Delivery
By 5.00pm Between 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Between cities Between City Evening Target Delivery By 12.00pm Between 6.00pm - 9.00pm


Important things to note for Express Direct Drive and flight based services:

  • Any timing estimates provided for these services are estimates only – delivery times may be impacted from things outside of Pace’s control e.g. road closures, flight cancellations and airline capacity or prioritisation of baggage and freight onto flights.
  • If flights are cancelled or a package is offloaded from a flight for any reason, it will be placed onto the next available flight.

Also note that additional charges apply for after hours & public holiday collection/delivery, extra piece/weight, waiting time, van surcharge, hazardous goods, and attempted pick up.

Terms and conditions apply.