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Pace Couriers offer same day urgent courier services across town or nationwide across New Zealand. Specialists in local & nationwide, time critical courier delivery services.

You set your pace, from 30 to 180 minutes, and then we get it across town fast. X-Town is the perfect service for delivering urgent or valuable items, of any size, door-to-door within your city’s metro area. Book online and your package will be off your desk and on its way in no time at all. Service available within Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metro area only.

When most of us take our car in for maintenance and repairs we have no idea what parts may be needed.

That’s where Repco and APPCO play a major role in supporting Christchurch mechanics. Parts are ordered from their eight Christchurch branches and these are then collected by Pace for delivery within the hour.

And if a customer needs to know how far away the delivery is Pace now uses the GPS location of our couriers to keep customer informed on up to the minute location and ETA on all deliveries. It’s all part of the service.

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From 1st January 2018, NZ Post will no longer offer 'Pace Cycle Messenger' Service in Wellington. We will continue to offer a urgent delivery service in Wellington, this will now be with a vehicle rather than a cycle courier. Please talk to your NZ Post account manager or Wellington Branch Manager, Steven Craig on 027 294 7943 to discuss service options

Safe hands to get your documents where they need to be, anywhere in the CBD. My Messenger is the service you can trust to deliver important packages directly into the right hands. Book online and your courier will be on the road and on their way in no time flat. Service available within Auckland and Christchurch metro areas only.

While Pace can get around the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metros using it’s fleet of vans and cars, the CBDs offer different challenges. Messenger couriers or cycle couriers emerged over 20 years ago to ensure the easy and rapid transport of important documents around the city.

AIM Proximity is one of New Zealand’s premier advertising agencies, when they need to get proofs or other important documents to their CBD clients they turn to Pace.

Often up against tight deadlines it’s the “peddlies” that can weave through busy traffic and get things around the CBDs to meet these tight deadlines.

Our peddlies have also been known to deliver dry cleaning, morning tea and anything else you can think of that you might expect a personal messenger.

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When time and distance are against you, we’re on your side. Our Must Fly service will get your urgent delivery to wherever it needs to go by the fastest means possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the next flight or being driven direct; we let nothing slow us down.

It’s our partnership with Air New Zealand, fleet size and proven reliability that means when something “big or small” needs to travel throughout NZ fast that customers turn to Pace.

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Partner with us to handle all your urgent dispatches. Nationwide Assist makes us an integral part of your logistics operation, handling all the unexpected or extra urgent deliveries out of your warehouse or distribution centre. From bulk freight to mail, we’ll deliver it right on time.


December 2009
The New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) is responsible for supplying fresh, frozen and fractionated blood products to Blood Banks and Hospitals around NZ. Every delivery is critical, no matter what time of the day or night. NZBS are committed to getting these blood products to their customers within agreed time frames.

Pace is a trusted partner to take care of this. We work with NZBS to decide the best possible means of transportation to meet these deadlines. Whether it is a next available flight or a courier driving the item through the night we work to make sure we live up to the NZBS service delivery expectations.

What’s more, our GPS tracking ensures that we can also keep the customer fully informed of our up to the minute location and expected arrival times.

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Regular Bookings Business as usual is easy with us, as a part of your routine. If you send the same things to the same places regularly, rely on us to keep everything running smoothly. Our Regular Bookings service takes the administrative hassle off your hands.

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